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Dear Hany!

What a pleasure it is for us to have met you and to explore with you the
many aspects of Cairo, with the Citadel, the Mosques, St. Sergius and to
enjoy your expertise about the pyramids at Saqqara!  
You are not simply a
"tour guide" but a true ambassador and made us feel quite at home in Egypt,

in spite of the cultural differences.  Thank you for treating us to   the
delicious Koshary, and for all the refreshing stops!

If you need testimony to your friendly, cheerful company as well as
excellent organization and knowledge, we will be happy to sing your praises.
You are a good reader of character and accommodated us beautifully.

Our heads are still spinning with the wonderful places and stories you wove
around them, much as if we have staggered out of Ali Baba's cave under the
spell of the one-thousandeth night.  In fact, I took out the treasures from
the the perfume shop, set them up on the silk rug and felt as if I had just
exited such a treasure trove.

We hope you celebrated a very happy anniversary date on Saturday, and wish
you and your wife many excellent years ahead, filled with good health and

We are grateful to you for having enriched our lives.

With all best wishes,

Kathryn Jospe

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Sarah Mills Bacha <>
2 July 2008 06:59subjectGreetings from the Bachas in Ohio

Hi Hany,

As promised (albeit very late), here are some photos of us from our fabulous
trip to Egypt last March. We still dream about the sights, sounds, smells
and taste of your marvelous country and sometimes can't believe we were
really there. We loved every minute of it.

Thanks, again, for being such a memorable and wonderful guide. Through you,
we were able to experience Egypt at a level not available to most tourists.
We truly feel honored ever so lucky to have connected with you. Here's to
adventure seekers and the Internet! (The boys want to come back for the
camel trek through the desert!)

We are all well here, enjoying summer vacation. All the best to you and your

Warmest regards,

Jim, Sarah, Will and Henry Bacha

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My wife and I engaged Hany through the internet on our recent trip to Cairo and Egypt in July.  As well as providing himself as a guide in the Cairo region, he organised local guides and accommodation throughout lower Egypt.  At all times he was extremely courteous and good humoured, and provided us with good value for money.  He has an excellent knowledge of Egyptian history, archaeology and all the various sites, and is a fluent English speaker (I am not sure what other languages he speaks). 

Like all travellers to a ‘strange’ foreign country like Egypt, we were a little hesitant about booking someone unknown through the internet, but we had absolutely no regrets in our choice of Hany. 

Hany is a gentleman by any standards, highly knowledgeable, and very enjoyable and safe company.  He has high moral and ethical standards and I do not believe that he would ever ‘rip-off’ a visitor to his country.  We met his wife and she is also a charming and well educated person.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Hany as a guide and tour organiser to any foreign traveller, male or female.

Good luck with your trip,



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Good times and GOOD people in Egypt!

Hello fellow travellers,  LIAM EUSTACE

Just come back from a wonderful month travelling around Egypt, and seeing the splendour of the country and
meeting some very nice people along the way too. I would like to mention a few people and places in particular
as without these people and places to stay, our trip wouldn't have been as good, and from having travelled
extensively before, I know how good tips and word of mouth are when travelling around and seeing as I use
this forum myself when travelling to places,thought I'd share some of mine.....

2.) OR ( Very simple this time!......If your looking to see the Pyramids and other
areas within Cairo hassle free with no cons or catches or inflated prices, with an honest guide who knows his stuff inside and out, then
check out the above websites. He has a great website detailing his services and delivers an exceptional service as well.) Did i mention
NO CONS and HASSLE FREE, with a brand new air conditioned car to drive you around

Jacky Hannat  wrote on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 9:01 PM to

I read in a guide book about a cat cemetery called Bubastis, in Zagazig, and we put this place on our itinerary.

 The tour company we were using booked Hany Halim to take us around.

 We got on well with Hany from the first time we met him. He has a wonderful sense of humour,

 has a great knowledge of Egypt and all its history and has a very good command of English.

We have had many guides but Hany is by far the best.

 It is also useful that when one e-mails him he responds immediately.