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Robert Horvath <rohorvath79@yahoo.com>  Sat 25 Aug, 2018

Dear Hany,

Thank you very much for guiding us through Cairo for 1.5 day, it was truly exciting and memorable.

After a 6 hour’s long bus trip from Hurghada you picked us up and showed us a nice Islamic mosque and then brought us to the stunning night show of the pyramids. The following day was even more catching with visiting the pyramids and its surroundings, a papyrus shop, the Pharanoic Village, the Cairo Museum and finally a bazaar before we started our trip back to Hurghada. Even our 11-year-old son enjoyed it throughout.

Thanks to that you are really knowledgeable we have learnt tons about Egypt and Cairo. I was surprised that you even have an officially registered theory about how the pyramids were built, called the Broken vase theory. We didn’t feel worried at any point in time due to your practical advices on how to behave with the kind of offensive local “self-appointed” guides and merchants.

Interestingly, we have jointly learnt something new. Hungarian is called (pronounced) in Egyptian “magar” which is “magyar” in Hungarian, so there is just one letter/sound difference.

Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Best wishes,

Robert, Diana and Mark   


Meenakshi <meenakshi.chhabra@gmail.com   25 Jan 2017

Dear Hani
Thank you so much for a truly exceptional and memorable trip. And, for sharing your stories with me. I learnt a lot and was inspired by your life.
Would have liked to do more. But I was on a budgetary and time constraint. That will be my excuse for the next trip.
Wishing you good health and happiness.
Hope to see you again with my family.
Warm regards



c_dietrich@vtxmail.ch  Jan 2017

Dear Mr. Hany

Me and Ursina safely returned to Switzerland. We both would like to thank you again for your great help in Cairo and wish you all the best for the future. Our special thanks also go to Hanan and her family.

I hope you enjoy the attached picture of yours. I have several more good pics. Just let me know whether you're intersted in having them too.

With kind regards,



Frank H. Alvarez <fhalvarez@aol.com  5/2016

Dear Hany, thank you again for a fabulous 3 days of touring in Cairo last week. Please feel free to forward this to Tripadvisor so more people can choose you. Despite your leg condition, you arranged your friend Hanam to help guide us and she was fabulous also. Your understanding of the city, the culture and the flexibility you offered was great and much appreciated.  

 I will try to get many friends to go to Egypt and hire you not only for Cairo but for all of Egypt

,thank you, Frank Alvarez


Rick Talbot,ricktalbot@comcast.net  , Feb 2nd,2012

Dear Hany,

We have recently returned to Seattle and just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our trip very much.  Sorry you were not able to join us in Luxor. However, the guide you found for us worked out well and her English was very good.

Our Egypt Air flights to Cairo and Amman were on schedule and we met the Petra Night Tours people at the airport.  We enjoyed seeing Amman and Jeresh, but seeing Petra was a magical experience.  We liked our driver and appreciated your recommendation for this tour company.

We hope tourism will improve for you in Egypt.  We will recommend you to our friends and hopefully some will see Egypt soon.

Thank you again for all of your assistance in making this trip special for us and do not hesitate to use my name as a reference.

Best regards,



Anthony Slingsby <c.slingsby@tiscali.co.uk>

to        Hany Halim <exceptional.egypt@gmail.com>

date    16 February 2011 01:19

Our trip was superb and we saw everything and all your contacts were so good and the ship a dream


Helen <helen.018103990@telia.com>

8 February 2011 22:07


Thank you from Sweden

Dear Hani,

Thank you for taking so good care of us in Cairo. We enjoyed every minute.

So sorry about the current situation but hoping it will turn out to the best.


We, all skipped going back to Cairo and instead got on a plane from Luxor to London and after one night at Mary's (1) house Lennart, Mary (2) and myself got safely back to Sweden one day late.

Fortunately our wonderful boat-trip was completed. We got into some demonstrations in Luxor, but it was not so bad. People that we met at the hotel and on the street were very kind and reassuring.


My personal highlights were Sakkara, the paintings, and Tuthanchamons furniture and other belongings and also the encredible Karnak temple. But of course it was all an adventure.


Many thanks again to you.

Lennart and Ing-Marie (=Mary 2) send their regards



Helen Engström


from Natasha Visser <l.n.visser@hotmail.com> To exceptional.egypt@gmail.com>

Date 10 July 2010 00:10


Dear Hanny,
WE WANTED TO SAY A HUGE THANK YOU FOR TODAY!!!! You were truly an angel sent from God, made us feel so comfortable and have definitely taught us a lot...have been talking all night about what we have learnt and comparing notes :) again, thank you for all your efforts - bargaining, knowledge, genuine care, and honesty.....we appreciate it very much! :) :)
Please email us any links for us to make comments and reviews.....more than happy to support what you do!
And finally, if you are ever in Australia.....even if it is in twenty years - please email me as we would love to take you around and show you the courtesy you have shown us! :)
Thank you,  
Lesley (Tash) and Jackie


kitty jospe <kjospe1@rochester.rr.com>    to                       hanyra@hanyra.com

             date      29 April 2009 11:46    subject             !            Thank you!                              

Dear Hany!
What a pleasure it is for us to have met you and to explore with you the
many aspects of Cairo, with the Citadel, the Mosques, St. Sergius and to
enjoy your expertise about the pyramids at Saqqara!  
You are not simply a
"tour guide" but a true ambassador and made us feel quite at home in Egypt,

in spite of the cultural differences.  Thank you for treating us to   the
delicious Koshary, and for all the refreshing stops!
If you need testimony to your friendly, cheerful company as well as
excellent organization and knowledge, we will be happy to sing your praises.
You are a good reader of character and accommodated us beautifully.

Our heads are still spinning with the wonderful places and stories you wove
around them, much as if we have staggered out of Ali Baba's cave under the
spell of the one-thousandth night.  In fact, I took out the treasures from
the perfume shop, set them up on the silk rug and felt as if I had just
exited such a treasure trove.
We hope you celebrated a very happy anniversary date on Saturday, and wish
you and your wife many excellent years ahead, filled with good health and
We are grateful to you for having enriched our lives.
With all best wishes,

Kathryn Jospe


from     Amanda Teale <ateale@travelbyamanda.com>

reply-to            Amanda Teale <ateale@travelbyamanda.com>

to          Hany Halim <exceptional.egypt@gmail.com>

date      22 February 2010 00:56

subject             Fw: Back home                       

You did me proud Hany.  I cannot thank you enough.  Hope to be back in touch again soon.

With kind regards, as always


Dear Hany

  We arrived home safely yesterday. It is snowing here as promised !

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed ourselves on our visit to your wonderful country. It was particularly good to find a guide as experienced, knowledgeable and friendly as yourself, and I would have no hesitation in recommending you thoroughly to others visiting Egypt.

I hope to be able to come back at some point, in particular to visit the many things I would have liked to have done during a longer visit, and to visit Luxor/Thebes. As and when we do, we'll be in touch.

With best wishes and many thanks again

Robert Mackay

My name is Iggy  and I hope this email finds you well.  You were highly recommended by my best friend Ezat who took a private tour with you a few weeks ago.

We are a party of two, and we would be honored to have you as our private professor for a day tour of the great pyramids.
If there is a place in the world I must see before I die, it is here.  Therefore, it justifies that we take our time to really walk around, not as tourists, but as students to breath in the history, to taste its antiquity.
Therefore, my request is to spend as long as we can here.  Perhaps you can enlighten us with your theories along the way, and reveal to us the wonders.
In short, please view us as your humble students willing to listen to your knowledge.

Cordially yours,
Iggy Low 
ilow73@yahoo.com  USA DEC8 ,2010

Hi Hany,

Well we have arrived back safely, it's a bit cooler here!.

 We just wanted to say a massive thank you for the two days that we spent with you.

 It's always a difficult decision choosing a guide - we got it 100% right this time. From the minute you turned up it was just like being with an old friend. You have a style that makes your guests feel like they are special, your knowledge of Egypt is also a massive plus - believe me we have had guides who know nothing.

We also had a lot of fun and laughs along the way, we will definitely be back to see you again.

 To any future clients - if you are looking for a guide Hany is the man!

 From a personal point of view it was great being with somebody with an Engineering background - I believe your theory will soon become the accepted version of events, I will certainly be promoting it.

 I have attached a couple of pictures for you.

 Once again thanks & please keep in touch (do you have a facebook page?)

 Best wishes

 Your new friends

 Garry & Sandra.

Theresa My wife and I engaged Hany through the internet on our recent trip to Cairo and Egypt in July.  As well as providing himself as a guide in the Cairo region, he organized local guides and accommodation throughout lower Egypt.  At all times he was extremely courteous and good humored, and provided us with good value for money.  He has an excellent knowledge of Egyptian history, archaeology and all the various sites, and is a fluent English speaker (I am not sure what other languages he speaks). 

Like all travelers to a ‘strange’ foreign country like Egypt, we were a little hesitant about booking someone unknown through the internet, but we had absolutely no regrets in our choice of Hany. 

Hany is a gentleman by any standards, highly knowledgeable, and very enjoyable and safe company.  He has high moral and ethical standards and I do not believe that he would ever ‘rip-off’ a visitor to his country.  We met his wife and she is also a charming and well educated person.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Hany as a guide and tour organizer to any foreign traveler, male or female.

Good luck with your trip,

 From : Gary .Jones

 Sent  :Thursday.16 October 2008 9:43AM

 To: tulrich@cruiseone.com

Subject : RE :Ulrich-Cairo Escort

Dear Hany,

Hope you are keeping well.

We got back a few weeks ago and are now already busy with routines! However great memories of Egypt (especially our day in Cairo) help us get by!

Once again we would like to thank you for all your help and more importantly your perfect planning of our day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and did everything we had in mind including shopping for the oil lamps! Needless to say that all our friends know about you so we will make sure if any of them go to Egypt, we will give them your contact details.

I have attached two photos that we took with you.

We wish you the very best for all your future tours.

Warm regards


Devaki Sameer Khurjekar
182 Twyford Road
West Harrow  Harrow ,Middlesex United Kingdom        Mobile: +44 (0) 7837 631 801

Glyn Genin <glyn@glyngenin.com>              to             Hany Halim <exceptional.egypt@gmail.com>

date       21 October 2009 22:26                      subject      Re: Cairo - Wednesday 21 October

Dear Hany

Just a brief note to say how much Hilary and I enjoyed meeting you, and to say thank you again for an informative and comprehensive tour of the Pyramid sites and Memphis.  It was an wonderful experience and a genuine pleasure.

I've attached a few pictures that you might like to have.

Best regards

Glyn Genin

John Zaiser <zaiser@usa.com  28 December 2009 13:15

Dear Hany,

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making our week in Cairo great! It was a pleasure to get to know you, and we appreciated all your insights and your sense of humor. It was wonderful the way you explained the details about the Pharaohs in easy to grasp units. Best of all was your ability to make Egyptian history come alive through your descriptions of what we were seeing at each stop on our tour. We will definitely recommend you to any of our friends who are planning a trip to Cairo. Thank you again.

John & Julie Zaiser


 Paul Jackman-Graham <Paul@pauljackmanconsulting.ltd.uk>             to      Hany Halim <exceptional.egypt@gmail.com>

date       3 October 2009 20:29               subject   Thanks



We have made it home ok and are getting sorted out, just about.

We both want to thank you so much for the tremendous difference you made to our all too short spell in Cairo. You looked after us wonderfully well, and without you we would have gained only a very small fraction of the experiences, knowledge, and memories which we have come away with. Our trip to Cairo is definitely one to remember. Thank you so much.


For anyone planning a trip I really must say that if you are thinking of doing it on your own without a guide then DON’T. You really will be wasting the money you spend getting and staying there. If you try to pick and choose group trips and go to places by taxis you  really will miss out on the personal attention, and if there are two of you, or a family, then you will actually probably end up spending more than you would by hiring your own guide. And when it comes to choosing your guide don’t forget to look for experience. Hany has it all, I suspect that if there is anything he does not know then you really wouldn’t need to know it!


Again Hany,

Our thanks,

Liz & Paul RBauman316@aol.com                      to  exceptional.egypt@gmail.com

date      20 September 2009 16:57

subject             Testimonial

We had a marvelous time on our tours with Hany Halim.

Hany not only knows Egypt he knows how to bring Egyptian history and culture alive for those he takes under his wing.  An engineer by training and a people person by inclination Hany offers interesting and perceptive observations on any topic you choose to discuss.


Hany took us on a pyramids tour that included, at his suggestion and our option, pyramids that pre-date the most famous ones at Giza and are fascinating in their own right, yet rarely visited.  Hany also took us through the Egyptian Museum, showing us the highlights of that marvelous place and weaving a historical context of stories that greatly enriched our experience.  Hany will also provide you some interesting shopping opportunities if you desire.


Hany is more than a guide.  He can help arrange your trip.  Although we did  not use him in this capacity, we would on a return trip because we saw the hotel he had arranged for one of his other clients.


I highly recommend Hany.  You will enjoy your time with him!

Randy Bauman

Oklahoma City, OK


 from     Ray Dykes <personalpastor@sbcglobal.net>          to    Hany Halim <exceptional.egypt@gmail.com>

date       21 June 2009 02:25

Hany, you warm and wonderful Child of God,

We looked at the video and we congratulate you on the achievement.

We enjoyed being with you very much and appreciated your guiding us through the pyramids and the Sphinx.

Donna and Ray Dykes

Dr. Ray Dykes, Pastor

Personal Faith Program

www.personalpastor.org Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 20:44:14 +0200

From: Charmaine.Smith@uct.ac.za  To: exceptional.egypt@gmail.com

Subject: Re: Half day trip to Giza pyramid


Hi Hany

I spent half a day in Cairo to visit the pyramids, and Hany was a fantastic guide and companion to do it with. He is a real go-getter for whom no request is too small or too large - all to happy to do whatever it takes to make your visit enjoyable and memorable. Our conversations were stimulating and laced with humour, and he surely is connected to get you in at the sights very quickly. He is clearly very knowledgable about the ancient Egypt civilisation, and shared very interesting facts with me. I don't think Cairo would have made such a big impression on my iif I didn't explore it with this interesting man. I am looking forward to come back and see more with you, Hany!

Charmaine Smith, Cape Town, South Africa.


I am attaching a few photos of the day. Thank you once again for a wonderful and enjoyable experience - I really do want to come back!


Best wishes until we speak again - and remember my invite to come visit in Cape Town!


Jacky Hannat  wrote on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 9:01 PM to

I read in a guide book about a cat cemetery called Bubastis, in Zagazig, and we put this place on our itinerary.

 The tour company we were using booked Hany Halim to take us around.

 We got on well with Hany from the first time we met him. He has a wonderful sense of humour,

 has a great knowledge of Egypt and all its history and has a very good command of English.

We have had many guides but Hany is by far the best.

 It is also useful that when one e-mails him he responds immediately.

Frank S. Duke, Jr. <dukefs@zoomtown.com

30 November 2009 00:34

just spoke to someone who from Cincinnati, OH who you guided (from your references) and he highly recommended your services.  He said you took them to Saqqara very early in the morning before the tour buses got there and they had a great experience.  We would like to try to do that on the morning of the 26th, if possible.  After this tour, we are open to suggestion for the rest of the day.  We would like to engage you for the whole day.

Good times and GOOD people in Egypt!

Hello fellow travelers,  LIAM EUSTACE

Just come back from a wonderful month travelling around Egypt, and seeing the splendor of the country and
meeting some very nice people along the way too. I would like to mention a few people and places in particular
as without these people and places to stay, our trip wouldn't have been as good, and from having travelled
extensively before, I know how good tips and word of mouth are when travelling around and seeing as I use
this forum myself when travelling to places, thought I'd share some of mine.....

www.hanyra.com OR exceptional.egypt@gmail.com ( Very simple this time!......If your looking to see the Pyramids and other
areas within Cairo hassle free with no cons or catches or inflated prices, with an honest guide who knows his stuff inside and out, then
check out the above websites. He has a great website detailing his services and delivers an exceptional service as well.) Did i mention
NO CONS and HASSLE FREE, with a brand new air conditioned car to drive you around

Hello, Hani

Just a quick, late-evening contact to let you know that we have arrived home in the UK safely, and to say how much we enjoyed our two days with you.  They were a great end to what was already a fantastic holiday, and quite different from what had gone on before.  How fortunate we were in getting in contact with you via your website in the first place, and to have engaged the only 'non-crazy driver' in Egypt.  Who knows what would have happened to us if we hadn't!!!  
Hope this finds you well.  Regards to you and you family

Clive & Jan  Buckingham      


Feedback: Ezat77@aol.com

Although i only stayed in Cairo for only a couple of days you showed me a lot of what i expected to see.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful ancient places you showed me.

I hope to come back to Egypt in the near future and would love to book you once again

thank you.    Ezat



Dear Hany,

Once again thank you for a fabulous tour.  I really enjoyed it, and it has given me good memories of Egypt.  I especially enjoyed listening to your pyramid theories.  I will be sure to recommend your services to friends and family here in South Africa.  Next time I will bring my wife for a tour also.

Best Regards,

Dieter Gutschow   Dieter Gutschow <dieter.gutschow@eon.co.za